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Couple hikers celebrating success in sunset mountains, accomplish with arms up outstretche



Turn back time and reveal the radiant you at our Durango medical spa! Mountain Beauty Medspa welcomes you into our cozy local clinic which is a haven for reflection, inner discovery, and outer beauty. We prioritize our customers, family, and life balance above all else. Not only have we found the ability to live life in balance with the beautiful mountain nature, but also take care of our radiant soul – and that which protects our soul: our skin. Mountain Beauty Medspa looks at our patients as an individual, not as a number. Come to us to be seen, heard, refreshed, and rejuvenated! With over 15 years of experience, not only will we bring out your inner beauty, but we also support you and take care of your outer beauty too! 

Book your free consultation now—your journey to relaxation starts today.

Ashley Sutton RN, BSN, LE, CLT

Mountain Beauty Medspa's philosophy is to achieve excellent results with superb patient care. Ashley recognizes that clients aspire to achieve complete wellness, wanting their bodies to look as young as their minds feel. Mountain Beauty Medspa combines the ultimate in medical technology with the utmost personal attention to ensure that you receive the finest treatment available.

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